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I'm a psychologist trained in clinical hypnosis and Brief Therapy.


I like to say that my approach of psychotherapy is somehow down to earth: what is it that you feel, see, hear in your current life that you'd like to change?

And more important, what will you feel, see ans hear in that not too distant future when you'll know you do not need a therapist anymore?

Together we will design the concrete steps between these two states and possibly enjoy the journey.


Some areas in which I can help:

General anxieties and phobias.

Self-image and identity issues

Lack of direction, alienation, goals setting, existential problems

Depression –

Family relationship issues

Work related problems

Challenging life changes: birth, death, divorce, moving.

Loss : relationship, employment, etc

Stress and chronic pain.

Couple difficulties.



Licence en psychologie clinique adulte - ULB

Thérapie Brève et Hypnose Ericksonienne - Institut Milton Erickson

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