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Brief therapy, Solution-focused therapy, EMDR, Hypnotherapy, Dialectical Behavior therapy


My practice is located between Ganshoren and Jette (I also do skype consultations). My main focus will be to work with you on the changes you would like to see in your life, you unique experience, and your own goals, at your pace.

My goal is to allow you to (re)discover your resources and competences, and to help you use practical tools in your every day life, in order to stop vicious circles and repetitive unpleasant experiences.

I will be often by your side, sometimes behind you, but I'll never take the lead.

Below are some of the therapeutic approaches that I use. If you have questions about the therapy, and/or would like to make a first appointment, please contact me by phone (preferably via SMS, which allows for quicker answer), or via e-mail.

Brief therapy

Brief therapies are a group of techniques to help produce a relief of suffering that is as quick, complete, and lasting as possible, in collaboration with the person. It is an interactive approach, where both the patient and the therapist define together what the problem is, and the strategies that have already been used against it. The therapy then focuses on testing new approaches to this problem.


EMDR is a very efficient approach involving hypnotherapy, strategic therapy, and a more body-focused technique of movements. It is mostly used to treat situations where people feel stuck with fears, traumas, phobias, chronic or acute pain, grieving or loss.

Narrative therapy

Narrative is a very simple tool, but that does wonders in allowing the person to reconnect to their core values, their abilities, the skills they forgot they had, or that had been hidden by their current suffering.

Solution-focused hypnotherapy

This is a type of hypnotherapy that was inspired by Erickson's approach, intertwined with solution-focused therapy. It is a very respectful and non-directive type of hypnotherapy. This technique is known for being very validating and empowering.

Influence of mindfulness meditation

After several stays in buddhist temples in Asia, I started including mindfulness elements into my practice, with great results. Mindfulness elements allow the person to practice a certain quality of presence to themselves, going back to the present moment without judgements or efforts, to experience just being there, and observe what is happening. This is a great technique for anxiety and insomnia.

Dialectical Behavior therapy

Created by Marsha Linehan and initially destined to people suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder, this therapy is based on the integration and the practice of mindfulness in every day life, and also a set of skills, in three modules:

1. Distress tolerance
2. Emotion regulation
3. Interpersonal Efficiency

In DBT, the sessions are mainly organised around learning and integrating those skills, in order to be able to handle life's emotional triggers, and to communicate more efficiently with other people.


My practice is situated near Place du Miroir (Reine Astrid).
Parking is free in most of the streets around the building.

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