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Psychoanalytic psychotherapist


I work therapeutically with adults who suffer from psychological difficulties at the level of their emotions, behavior, relations, or existentially, such as:

anxiety, anger, burnout, dependency, depression, difficulties related to productivity and creativity, guilt, lack of self-confidence, loneliness, mourning and loss, shame, psychosis, sexuality, sleeping difficulties, stress, therapeutic interventions in the context of criminal proceedings, trauma, unpleasant actions and thoughts that make life difficult.

I offer psychoanalytic psychotherapy to work with you to treat these psychological difficulties. Therapy offers a confidential space within which you will be heard and helped to understand yourself and your difficulties in new ways. The therapy I offer takes into account your concerns and your needs. I do not follow a protocol. The rythme and the extend of the therapeutic work is defined by you.


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Formation à la psychothérapie psychanalytique adulte (Université de Gand, 2005)
Master en psychologie clinique (Université de Gand, 2003)

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