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Rue Marius Renard, 118 | 7301 Hornu

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Un téléphone0472/53.27.95

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Clinical psychologist for children, teenagers and adults


Individual therapy, couple and family counselling.

Depression, self-esteem issues, anger, anxiety, panic disorders, eating issues, traumas, addictions, relationship difficulties, couple issues, child behavioral difficulties, parenting challenges, etc.

At the initial consultation, we will explore you current issues, enquire about background history and establish the focus if therapy.


Therapy sessions last about an hour.
Fees: 50€ for individual counselling, 60€ for couple or family counseling.

For more information and appointments, please call 0472/53.27.95. If I’m not available, feel free to leave a message, I’ll call you back as soon as possible.

Registered by the Belgian Commission of Psychologists

Partial refund possible by most health insurance companies

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