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Monsieur Gérard Honoré counselor | psychologist | psychotherapist à 7011 Ghlin

Rue Simonon, 32 | 7011 Ghlin

Un téléphone065 33 65 68 - Contact direct le matin entre 8h et 9h, répondeur 24h/7.

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Integrative psychotherapy that applies to a wide range of personal and relational difficulties, in the family, school or professional context and tailored to children, adolescents, adults and couples.
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- Lack of assertivity, lack of self-confidence, pathological lying.
- Problems at work, conflicts, bullying, harassment, burnout.
- Anxiety, nervousness, sleep disorders, obsessions, phobia, body image.
- Mental discomfort, dark thoughts, depression, difficult grieving, loneliness.
- Bad breakup, sexual concern or dysfunction.
- Addictions: alcool, nicotine, cannabis, gaming, Internet, sex.
- Eating disorders, endless diets, bulimia, anorexia.
- Headaches and other psychosomatic pains.
- Hyperacousia, tinnitus, misophonia.
- Attention deficit disorder, memory disorder, impulsivity, emotional control.

- Lack of self-confidence, shyness, difficulties of communication, lying.
- Anxiety, nervousness, fears, problems of sleep.
- Withdrawal, sadness, gloominess, pessimism.
- Trouble with concentration or memory, distraction, ADHD.
- Learning disabilities, methods of work.
- Behavioral disorders, agressivity, ODD.
- Impulsivity, emotiveness, hyperactivity.
- Problems of relationshim in the family or at school.
- Parental guidance and counseling.
- Addictions : video games, Internet, sugar, cigarette, alcool, cannabis.
- Disappointment in love, sexual issues.
- Eating disorders, bulimia, anorexia.
- Vocational orientation.

The balance of a couple relationship is influenced by :
- individual factors (personality, values, ambitions, difficulties …);
- factors of interaction (communication, trust, solidarity, …);
- factors of environnement (work, living conditions, culture, …).

These various factors change over time. The harmony that was prevailing in the beginning of the relationship is questionned regularly. If both partners are able to adapt to the changes, a new balance is established and the couple emerges strengthened from the crisis. But, in some cases, blockings appear and it’s a deadlock.
The spouses don’t understand each other anymore, they can’t control their reactions, they expect a change in the behavior of their partner but they see no effort in that direction. The balance of the relationship has become unstable because each partner realize that his/her own efforts of adaptation are conflicting with his/her personal psychological balance.

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70 € / 45 minutes.
Consultations: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 9 am - 9 pm.
Information and appointments: 065 33 65 68
Direct contact 8-9 am. Voice mail 24/7.
Secure telepsychology via Internet.
Certified by all Belgian mutual insurance companies and most international insurance companies.
Certified by the Belgian Board of Psychologists (491200511), the Belgian SPF Public Health and the INAMI.

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Psychologue, licencié en psychopédagogie, master en informatique et éducation, agrégé en psychologie et pédagogie pour l'enseignement secondaire et l'enseignement supérieur.
Expérience professionnelle dans l'enseignement primaire, secondaire et supérieur universitaire, la recherche scientifique, la psychologie du travail, la formation en entreprise et la psychothérapie en cabinet privé.

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Monsieur Gérard Honoré, counselor | psychologist | psychotherapist à 7011 Ghlin

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