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EMDR, relaxation, Mindfullness Stress management meditation


In my point of view life would be: Live Love Laugh.
As myself as a very overthinking and emotinnal woman, I've been searching for tools to create more ease with my difference. My purpose in therapy: create more fun in my work, being heartfull and supportive for the people who struggle with their emotions, doubts, guilt or lower self-confidence or wahtever that keeps them from happiness.
All my technics aim to open a space for your body and mind to relax and let go. So you can find your true self and enjoy all your amazing but maybe forgotten inner qualities


Really close to the University, easy with bus 48, parking for your car in front of the house

I used to animate and teach to student lots of technics to manage their stress issues ad to open them to more creativity and ease with life, studying, relationships, self-esteem, anxiety and hypersensitivity


-Licence en Sciences Psychologiques, Université de Liège
- Intervention systémique, approche interactionnelle et sociale (CPSE)
- Massage Californien, Shiatsu, Relaxation Coréenne, Espace de Ressourcement
- Approche Psycho-énergétique de l'être, outils de PNL et méditationTimothéus Intuition
- P.D.M.Y, Processus de de désensibilisation des traumatismes par le mouvement des yeux (EMDR)
- Communication Non Violente, Anne Van Stappen
-BARS d'Access Consciousness

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