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Le Domaine, Centre Hospitalier

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Psychologist (Master, UCL): Behavior Therapist, Mindfulness (adults)


During a consultation, I base my work on a so-called functional analysis of your request. Whether in a professional issues or more personal difficulties, I focus on your autonomy by focusing therapy on the analysis of unconscious processes that trigger and maintain personal difficulties (depression, anxiety, various disorders) and on learning to new skills that allow you to face critical daily situations more effectively. You are thus individually supported and supported in the self-management of your request.

I work in:
- anxiety, stress and its consequences (e.g. rumination, insomnia);
- professional stress, burn-out (assessment offered at the stress clinic at the Le Domaine-ULB hospital);
- the depression;
- difficulty managing emotions;
- psychological processes which can negatively interfere with one's relationship with oneself and with others such as: impulsivity, perfectionism; guilt; emotional insecurity, fear of abandonment, feeling of emptiness, lack of self-esteem, confidence and assertiveness, social anxiety;
- existential questions;
- communication difficulties;
- managing a breakup, a bereavement;
- managing trauma.

But also in the following clinical areas:
- mood disorders (e.g. depression, bipolar disorder);
- obsessive-compulsive disorder;
- anxiety disorders (e.g. social anxiety, agoraphobia, panic attack, generalized anxiety);
- eating disorders (e.g. anorexia nervosa, bulimia, overeating);
- post-traumatic stress disorder;
- personality disorders (e.g. borderline, dependent, avoidant, obsessive).

Type of consultation: individual & family consultations.
- Psychological assessment
- Psychological support
- Psychotherapeutic follow-up
- Work of personal reflection
- Coaching, emotion management
- Psycho-education


Mainly in teleconsultation


Expériences professionnelles:
2012- en cours: psychologue à la Clinique du Stress et animatrice de cycles de pleine conscience - Centre Hospitalier Le Domaine
2015- en cours: psychologue clinicienne, formatrice dans une unité traitant les troubles de l'humeur et neuropsychologue à la clinique de la mémoire - Hôpital Vincent Van Gogh

2018 : Certificat d'université en neuropsychologie (Ulg)
2015 : Certificat d'université en interventions psychologiques basées sur la pleine conscience (UCL)
2015 : Master complémentaire en cliniques psychothérapeutiques intégrées (UCL)
2012 : Master en sciences psychologiques (UCL)

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