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Monsieur Cyril Perrier counselor | psychologist | psychotherapist à 1410 Waterloo

Avenue des Lilas, 70 A | 1410 Waterloo

AEP Psy & Coaching

Un téléphone0495/54.63.32

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Solutions Oriented Humanist Therapy / 20 years of experience


Since 1998, those who want to improve their well-being through a benevolent and supportive therapeutic process are welcome.
You will learn that for every problem there is a solution.
During the sessions, I mainly use Humanistic and Analytical tools.
Each person is different and I will offer you a course adapted to your personality and your situation.
My experience allows me to quickly identify the methods and attitudes necessary to quickly obtain improvements.
In order to ask all your practical questions, I offer you an information interview - free of charge and without obligation - by appointment in Waterloo (+/- 20 min.)

For more information: or 0495/546332


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Monsieur Cyril Perrier, counselor | psychologist | psychotherapist à 1410 Waterloo

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