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Psychologist (stress management, emotions; Specialty in eating disorders)


As a psychologist, I study human behavior, thoughts and emotions so I can help my patients better understand and change what generates and maintains inner suffering and/or distress.

In the therapy room, I put a special emphasis on creating a conducive space for self-discovery, so my patients can safely explore the richness and depth of their emotions and inner world. One of the aspects I most appreciate about my sessions with patients is working on creating new perspectives that will best suit the reality they want to live in. I believe that perspective shape reality. This is why questioning perspectives, especially those that keep us stuck in the rut, can be so liberating and rewarding.

My formal training, professors and mentors, as well as my travels and experiences abroad have made me a psychologist that is particularly sensitive to the influence of the environment we live in (with its norms and belief system) on psychological well-being. Being of French and American descent, fluent in both languages, I was fortunate to study Psychology, with a minor in Science, Health and Values, in New York State (Wells College). During and after those 4 years of university, my thirst for more experience and discovery drove me to travel to other countries, like Chile, where I ended up staying, working and living a while. There I learned its language, cultural norms and belief system. Despite the years, I have not forgotten how much language and culture shapes our understanding of the world and way of thinking.

More than ever, deepening my knowledge of psychology felt indispensable. This is when I decided to pursue my education, while returning closer to my country, with a Master’s degree in Psychological Sciences, at UCLouvain in Belgium. On top of my CBT training, I took a particular interest in Systemic psychotherapy (aka Family/Couple Therapy). I am currently enrolled in a 4-year post-training program, to become a Systemic Psychotherapist. The systemic approach examines the influence of the environment on people, and conversely, the influence of people on their environment. The environment includes family relationships, the couple, friendships, work, etc.

Part of my practice is also devoted to helping people with eating disorders (bulimia with or without purge, anorexia, compulsive overeating) or more generally, with a difficult relationship to food and/or their image (body dissatisfaction, obsessive calorie control, excessive fear of gaining/losing weight). It was after the completion of a memorable internship that I discovered the Bio-Psycho-Sensorial approach and decided to incorporate it into my practice. Unlike dieting, this approach offers a healthy alternative, respecting both the mind and the body, for people with a painful relationship to food.

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Formation en cours : 3ème Cycle en Psychothérapie Systémique au CEFORES, Centre Chapelles-aux-Champs (4 ans)
Master en Sciences Psychologiques à l'UCL - Thérapie Cognitivo-Comportementale avec Spécialisation Troubles Alimentaires
Formation Continue 3ème Vague ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) et Pleine Conscience pour la Reduction du Stress
Trouble de Stress Post-Traumatique et Deuil Compliqué par Christophe Herbert
Le Burn-out par Dr. Jacques de Mol
Formation sur la perversion narcissique par Alberto Eiguer
Gestion de conflits (communication non violente)

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