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Chaussee de Lasne 5A | 1330 Rixensart

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Psychologist & Hypnotherapist


Happy to welcome you in my cosy office, sealed with confidentiality, judgment-free, and solution focused

Here is a summary of the type of work I do:

-Cognitive brief therapies based on identifying the vicious circle (thoughts, behaviours, beliefs) which maintains the problem in everyday life, in order to break it and find new solutions for the future
Concrete and solution focused, the idea is to install change quickly and in the long term.
Customised for each person, with tasks to complete in between sessions and a clear objective
Particularly efficient for: stress related problems, anxiety and panic attacks, depression and burn out, lack of self esteem, traumas, phobias, relational and couple issues, big life changes..

-Hypnosis is a great tool and combines very well with cognitive therapy, you basically learn to use this completely natural state in which we all are a few minutes a day, and to profit from its learning ressources and benefits.
It is especially powerful for these issues: lack of self esteem, stress, anxiety and panic attacks, traumas, depression and burn out, stopping smoking, study motivation and exam preparation, birth preparation, sports endurance, dealing with pain

-Couple therapy: combination of brief therapy, possible hypnosis, and EFT

-Personalised therapy for gifted children/teenagers and adults

-EFT (Emotional Freedom technique): Great technique based on acupuncture but without needles. EFT helps connect body and mind and diminish painful emotions. Fast and efficient

Public: children, teenagers, adults, couples
gifted children, teenagers & adults


Possibility to pick you up and bring you back at the station of Rixensart, which is only a few minutes away
If you are coming by car, feel free to park right in front of the cabinet


Master en sciences psychologiques ULB
Thérapies brèves et hypnose éricksonienne avec Thierry Melchior
Certificate of Gifted education (UNSW Australie)
EFT (Hong Kong)

membre de la Commission des psychologues

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