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Madame Ulrike Krings counselor | psychologist | psychotherapist à 1180 Uccle

Dieweg, 135 | 1180 Uccle

Cabinet de consultation privé

Un téléphoneO477177502

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Clinical Psychologist: Therapeutic support and treatment.


Certain situations - such as a serious illness, bereavement, prolonged professional stress, relationship or family troubles, or a general feeling of not feeling oneself - can bring about other issues: Trouble sleeping, irritability, ruminations, self-doubt or even anguish. There may be a loss of libido, or it may be hard to visualize a positive future. At such a time, it may be helpful to engage a psychologist who can lend a hand.

Should you find yourself in such a place, I invite you to put words to your thoughts and emotions. I listen with intent and well wishes so as to enable a constructive dialogue.

Being able to speak freely and to think things over with someone will give you perspective on your troubles, helping you overcome them, recover a sense of balance and feel joy again in life.

Treatment is fully a function of what you prefer, running the gamut from a one time session to treatment over a longer period.


Appointments can be made Monday - Friday from 8h30 to 19h00 by dialing 0477 177 502.

Treatment can be in French, in German or in English.

My office is in a private space which is easily accessible be it by car (there is a reserved parking spot) or by public transportation:
- trams 92 and 97 at « Dieweg » stop
- STIB bus 60 at « Observatoire » stop


- Master en Psychologie Clinique (ULB)
- Certificat interuniversitaire en Psycho-Oncologie
- Master en Droit et Relations Internationales (Bonn/Paris)

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