English speaking psychologist Uccle: Raphaëlle Sapieha

rue du Ham 169 | 1180 Uccle

Cabinet de consultation privé

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Psychologist. Therapy for adults and adolescents.


You may have been thinking about starting a therapy for a while now. Or perhaps an event occurred that has come to require a different kind of support than the one family and friends can provide.

A symptom, a deep-rooted suffering, a never-ending circle of questions... Recurring feelings of unease indicate it may be time to take a moment and find out what it is they are here to say.

The reasons that encourage one to consult a therapist are as diverse as they are important. The therapist entrusted with this task must be up to it, not only by their knowledge and experience but also through their demeanour.

Your therapist has a responsibility to welcome and listen to you with consideration and empathy, within a secure environment and with the utmost discretion.

Our sessions will respect your rhythm as well as any resistances that may arise, which we will explore just as we will your inner resources.

This complete freedom of speech and thought will nurture your inner growth and give you the necessary strength to work on the elements that will emerge from it.


Consultations take place by appointment from Monday to Friday, between 8 AM and 8.30 PM.

Private practice easily accessible by car (private parking place) and by public transport:

- tram 92 alight at "Alphonse XIII"
- bus STIB 60 alight at "Gare de Saint-Job"
- bus TEC W, 123, 124 alight at "Fort Jaco"
- train alight at station "Saint-Job".


- Licence en psychologie clinique à l'UCL
- Formation en psychothérapie d'orientation analytique à Chapelle-aux-Champs
- Expérience en communauté thérapeutique (psychiatrie)
- Psychothérapie personnelle

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