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Madame Laïla Salim counselor | psychologist | psychotherapist à 1180 Uccle

Rue verhulst, 24 | 1180 Uccle

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psychologist, hypnotherapist, family constellations, Shiatsu


I provide support to people so that they may get closer to their personal resources, find back their vital strength and develop their ability to face difficult situations of life.

And since it's often said "a healthy mind in a healthy body", I offer to those who want it to integrate body representations and sensations in the hart of therapeutic work.

Whether it is through hypnosis, family constellations or Shiatsu, body can become an ally and may therefore be conceived as the basement of a greater freedom towards oneself and the rest of the world.


Depending on the history and will of each one, I will use one and/or another of these methods.

I'm a member of the Belgian Commission of psychologists.


Hypnose et thérapies brèves: formations effectuées chez T. Melchior et auprès de l'AFNH.

Constellations familiales: formation effectuée chez A. R. Austermann Institut IFOSYS

Shiatsu: formation effectuée chez M. Lanjri à l'école Sat'sam

D.E.S. en cliniques psychothérapeutiques U.L.B.

Licenciée en psychologie U.L.B.

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