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Madame Laetitia de Lannoy - Fernandez counselor | psychologist | psychotherapist à 1160 Bruxelles

Avenue Louis Clesse, 46 | 1160 Bruxelles

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EN/FR Wellbeing Coach - CBT Clinical Psychologist - burnout, stress


Clinical Psychologist, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies (UCL, 2005)
Board registered Compsy #812226233
Clinical Visa #357654
Health & Wellness Coach (USA, 2021) WellCoaches certification #262350


A dual citizen, bilingual French-English and an expat myself, I have lived in Belgium, in the United States for 15 years and I am now stationed in Germany.

In college I specialised in Early Childhood Development, working with Special needs populations and in particular autistic children. I consulted with children with disabilities and their families and caregivers both at home and in schools in order to test, diagnose, support and ensure they received the best care possible. In addition to being a clinical psychologist, I have certified as a Health and Wellness Coach with WellCoaches®, USA, in 2021. This dual hat allows me to best support my clients and their families on their way to wellness, wether they are looking to get back to a former sense of self, or trying to reach for an improved vision of health and wellness.

EXPATRIATION /PCS: I am familiar with the military way of life and the challenges it brings. Living abroad can be as exciting as it is challenging and draining. Away from your routines, families, health and support systems, your adaptation skills are stretched to the limit. Life in the military in particular is full of stresses. With guidance, understanding of local resources and cognitive and behavioral tools, one can improve their experience to make the best of their new life abroad.

CHRONIC PAIN & HEALTH COACHING: The effect chronic pain and chronic illness has on one's daily life, hopes and dreams, and relationships with families and friends can be devastating. Thanks to empathetic support, expert guidance, effective stress management techniques and education, progresses can be made to reach a more active, meaningful, and energetic life.

Adaptation difficulties (relocation, PCS, IMMIGRATION)
Stress management
Emotions management (agner, sadness, fear...)
Anxiety management
Neurodivergence (gifted children, autisme, ADHD,...)
Parenting & Support of parents of children with developmental disabilities
Work/life balance
Chronic pain
Chronic illness
Communication difficulties
Self-esteem & self confidence

Experiencing more energy - Feeling calm & finding balance - A toned and fit body - Reducing pain or dis-ease - Increase body/mind awareness - Managing chronic illness - Healthy eating habits - Weight management - Engaging in your health plan - Increasing adherence & compliance to treatment - Social life - Self-esteem

2022: Continued Ed: Trauma-Informed CBT, Robert Lusk, PhD
2021: WellCoaches® Health & Wellbeing Coach Certification, USA
2020: University course, The Grip of Grief
2019: University course, Herbal Medicine (UM, USA)
2011-2022: Continued education: EFT & Tapping, EMDR, Non-violent Communication
2010: Infant/Toddler Developmental Specialist, Department of Health, USA
2007: MS Psychology equivalency, USA
2005: Master/license in Clinical Psychology, specialization in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies (UCL, Belgium)

MORE INFO: https://laetitiadelannoy.com/en/about/


ONLINE CONSULTATION or in person in Vilseck/Grafenwoehr, BY, DE.

To ensure a quality consultation, please make sure you have a fast internet connection, good quality video and sound, in a quiet location without distraction and in all confidentiality.

- Text / WhatsApp /Call: +49(0)152 2981 5091
To respect my client's time, I do not pick up the phone during sessions, so please leave a message if I do not answer directly.I will get back with you ASAP.
- Email: laetitiadelf171@gmail.com

65€ per 60min. session with the reference "lepsychologue.be" (100€ otherwise), payable the day of.



2021: Certification comme Coach Santé et Bien-être (WellCoaches, USA)
2020: Formation universitaire, La gestion du deuil (Grip of Grief)
2019: Formation universitaire, Herbal Medicine (UM, USA)
2010: Infant/Toddler Developmental Specialist (Department of Health, USA)
2007: MS Psychology equivalency (USA)
2005: License en Psychologie Clinique, orientation Thérapies Cognitive-Comportementales (UCL, Belgique)

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