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For 25 years now I ve been working as a Psychologist, starting my professional experience with crisis interventions. I ve always been very interested in traumas, and had the chance to learn how to work with EMDR in its very beginning (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). I love that soothing approach that offers a deep and longterm effect and integration to the persons who come to visit me as a psychologist.

For 15 years I ve also been working as an Expert for the Court in the field of sexual abuse, mistreatment and neglect on minor children.

And finally, 10 years ago, a beautiful long training in Body Mind approach and Energetics started to give even more sense to my work as therapist, as I could now address attention to all parts and dimensions of the human being. Indeed I feel it's so important to listen to all demands and wounds of the person: not only on the emotional and mental level, but also on the physical, energetic and spiritual level.

I m working above all with adults. Sometimes I accept Children or Adolescents, but only if a clear trauma could be identified. Otherwise I send them to specialized colleagues.


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Psychologue spécialisée en Thérapie PsychoCorporelle (EMTE) et en Blocages & Traumas (EMDR)

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