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I’m a university graduated psychologist and I propose family, couple and individual therapy for children, teenagers, adults.


Here are some examples of difficulties you can cross that can invade your live and affect your relatives:
- Family conflict
- Conjugal difficulties
- Conflicts with relatives, between parents and children/teenagers
- Working or school difficulties
- Relational difficulties bounded to psychological disorders (bipolar disorders, schizophrenia,…)
- Eating disorders
- Mourning
- Depression
- Burnout
- Harassment
- Stress
- Anxiety
- Difficulties to get pregnant (management of thre expectation, treatments, medically assisted pregnancy, infertility,…)
- Ill-being
- Serious illness (cancers, multiple sclerosis,…)
- Dependences (drug addiction, alcoholism, games, cyber-dependence,…)
- Announced difficult event (surgical operation, death,…)
- …


I'm located in Evere – Brussels, halfway in between the EC neighborhood (Schuman) and the NATO Headquarter.


Formation universitaire en sciences psychologiques et du développement.
Formation post universitaire à la thérapie systémique (familiale et institutionnelle) en 4 ans.
Formation de formateur en thérapie et intervention systémique (familiale et institutionnelle).
Diverses formations complémentaires sur la thérapie brève orientée vers les solutions, l'utilisation des objets flottants, le Dixsyst, l'Arbre de vie,...

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