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Clinical psychologist specialized in sleep.


- Cognitive behavioural therapy for post-trauma nightmares at the University of Tulsa (USA) (2021)
- Master in Clinical Psychology at the VUB (2021)
- Bachelor in Clinical Psychology at the VUB (2019)

Children (from 6 years old), adolescents, adults and elderly people.

I'm specialized in sleep. I treat insomnia, nightmares and circadian disorders with cognitive behavioural therapy. This is the first line treatment for these complaints. A few sessions are enough to sleep well again.


Appointments and information can only be made by e-mail (
Appointments from 9am to 7pm.


Thérapie cognitivo-comportementale pour les cauchemars post-traumatiques à l'Université de Tulsa (USA ) (2021)
Master en Psychologie clinique à la VUB (2021)
Bachelor en Psychologie clinique à la VUB (2019)

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