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Psychologist/Counselor for adolescents, adults, alone or as a couple


I am a fluent speaking Psychologist/Counselor having studied/practiced in Belgium as well as in Canada (Vancouver area). I am available to meet adults, teenagers and couples. Having travelled a lot, I have a multicultural opening to very different kinds of people and speak fluently French, English and Spanish. My approach, as a Psychologist/Counselor, is oriented to the observation and intervention in "human systems" (couple, family, work places). Therefore, I consider the "symptom" (the problem) as having a very private meaning as well as a contextual one, linked to the type of relationships my patient has with his/her family, social, professional network. As a Psychologist/Counselor, I am sensitive to the spiritual domain, however we call it, and welcome this aspect of my patients' life experience, as well as his/her sexual orientation, without judgment but with empathy and acceptance.


My private practice is located not far from the crosspoint Bvd Mettewie/Bvd Prince de Liège at 1070 Anderlecht (Brussels). For any request of an appointment, please call me or leave me a message at 0499-38.83.79 or write to w.dafos.psy@gmail.com. Every call or message will receive an answer as soon as possible. You are welcome.


Licenciée en Psychologie (niveau Master); formée à la systémique et thérapie familiale au CEFS - Praticienne en EMDR (formée chez Integrativa-EMDR Belgium).

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