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Madame Marie Henin counselor | psychologist | psychotherapist à 1050 Ixelles

Avenue de la Couronne, 294 | 1050 Ixelles

Un téléphone02 647 12 86 ou 0486 286 998

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Site internet de Marie Henin http://www.mariehenin-psychologue.be


Individual support, personal attention, dialogue


. Discover you resources, understand who you are and wher do you come from, give a meaning of his own's life, search for stability
. Anxiety, doubts, conflicts, loneliness, solitary confinement, trauma, insecurity, relationship problems...

Thanks to a relationship of trust, looking for and putting words on feelings and perceptions can help to clarify some dynamics, ideas and find a place where to be and from where to go, in a creative way.


Building a bridge between the unconscious and the consciousness, thanks to the images coming from dreams, daytime thoughts to be aware of who you are.


Master en psychologie (Ecole des psychologues praticiens-Paris)
Membre didacticienne de la Société Belge de Psychologie Analytique
Formation à l'animation d'ateliers d'expression créatrice (INSU)
Formation à la technique du jeu de sable
Reconnaissance de la commission des psychologues

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