Alexandre Leurs counselor | psychologist | psychotherapist à 1050 Ixelles

Rue du Trône, 214 | 1050 Ixelles


Un téléphone0471766247. Tous les jours avant 13h.

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Creativity based psychologist for all crowds


Belgium is not an English speaking country and therefore, if you are looking for an English speaking psychologist chances are you are not Belgian. As a psychologist I am sensitive to cultural diversity and challenges related to living in a different country than the one you maybe from.

My practice is based on creativity as a tool to explore your self in order to unveil tools to face whatever adversity you may be confronted with. Wether it is child developmental disorders, couple communication, dwelling, inter or intra personnel stakes, or children's wellbeing amongst others, I propose a flexible structure in which you can become.

Becoming means to advance with your life as you integrate emotions, thoughts and experiences that might have been restricting you. It is all about a deeper knowledge of yourself.


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