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Psychologist and psychotherapist at CentrEmergences Etterbeek


I always say to the majority of people that I meet that "I don't own a magic wand" ; nobody but you know better how you feel and what you're going through and, even though, you might have trouble seeing it, realizing it or believing it, answers and resources are already inside of you.

During our exchanges, you will be able to express yourself differently, indirectly, through writing, breathing, singing, acting ; you will also have the opportunity to consider your situation from another point of view, while freeing yourself from anything that might weigh you down.

Why make an appointment ?

- You have questions about your identity, your relationship with yourself, your self-confidence ;
- Your child or you face(s) hardship in your education, personal or interpersonal life ;
- Your child or you is(are) under the impression that they (you) don't belong, that nobody truly understands them (you) ;
- You need a place where you'll be able to express your anxieties, ask your questions, talk about your troubles.

I can offer you a space where you'll be able to...

- Express yourself freely, without any obligation or judgement on my behalf, adress your troubles and questions, whether they are linked to your emotions, relationships, identity, ...

- Learn to accept and to respect the person you are today, in connection with the person you were and the one you will be.

I can also provide orientation sessions ; they last a half hour and will help determine which therapist who might suit your expectations best.

Population : children, teenagers and adults (individually).
I also work with the parents and family of the children that I meet, to find solutions or tips which might actually help them in their everyday life.
I have particular interest in high potential and organise support groups around this subject.


The premises can be found between Schuman roundabout and square Jourdan. There are subway and bus stops close to them, as well as a few coffee shops and the "Parc du Cinquantenaire". The place is unfortunately not accessible to persons with reduced mobility (stairs).
Appointments are usually scheduled on Tuesdays PM and Wednesdays AM.


- Master complémentaire et Certificat Inter Universitaire en Evaluation et intervention psychologique : psychothérapie
- Coordinatrice et psychologue à CentrEmergences et professeur de théâtre au Studio Artendance depuis septembre 2015
- Diplômée de master de psychologie (psychanalyse et systémique de l’ado et de l’enfant) de l’UCL
- Diplômée de l’Académie Communale Julien Gerstmans de Hannut en Arts de la parole (Diction et Déclamation)
- Formation en chant classique durant cinq ans et en chant jazz durant deux ans
- Pratique du théâtre depuis l’âge de cinq ans et membre actif d’une troupe depuis sept ans
- Egalement membre actif d’une chorale féminine depuis sept ans, après trois années d’expérience dans une chorale mixte
- Auto-didacte en dessin depuis 2005

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