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Boulevard Lambermont, 196 | 1030 Schaarbeek

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Clinical Psychologist


Italian Clinical Psychologist with extended work experience in supporting expat people. I have gained special expertise in the treatment of adjustment disorders, mood disorders, acute and chronic stress and trauma. I live and work both in Brussels and Milan where I have my own private practice. I also consult online in English, French and Italian.


Education et Training

2017-2018 Master’s Program in Psychoneuroendocrinoimmunology (Turin University)
2014-2015 Master’s Program in Death Studies (Padua University)
2008-2012 Doctoral School of Specialization in Transcultural Psychotherapy (Milan)
2007-2008 Master’s Program in Emergency Psychology (Köln University)
1999-2006 Master’s Degree in Clinical and Community Psychology (Turin University)
1984-1989 Master’s Degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures (Turin University)


Master en Psychologie Clinique et de Communauté.
Spécialisé en psychothérapie transculturelle
Spécialisé en psychotraumatologie et gestion du stress, traitement du burnout, troubles de l'humeur.

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