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Clinical psychologist (graduated in 2001)


Philosophy : 

I am cognitive behavioural therapy oriented. 

What does this mean ? I assume that how you think has an impact on your emotional life and on what you do. And vice versa: how you act sometimes largely determines how you feel.

Through cognitive behavioural therapy, you learn to control and, if necessary, change behaviour through insights. It is therefore important to gain insight into your way of thinking. This is done through conversations and sometimes by doing assignments or expermiments (trying out new things) at home. 
The ultimate goal is always to learn to deal better with your emotional problems, such as fear, anger, gloom or guilt.

During therapy, we sometimes also try to gain insight into certain past events. Can these explain the ideas and/or behaviours of today? 

Through training during the consultation, in real life and all kinds of home assignments, you gradually arrive at new thoughts and a different, more positive behaviour. 

What do I expect from you?
This kind of therapy makes you an actor of your own thought process, your behaviour and your life. You are an active partner in the therapeutic process. We work together, you help think things through and you are prepared to invest time in your own process outside the therapy sessions. 

What can you expect from me? 
I am sometimes described as having an authentic, sincere, warm, caring and empathetic personality. However, being warm and empathetic does not take away from the fact that I usually sincerely share my reflections and hypotheses, even if they are not always easy. You can expect a warm but direct style from me, with all kinds of tips and techniques to try out at home. 

After my Master in Clinical psychology, I followed specific training in treating perfectionism, low self-esteem, sleeping problems, burn-out, professional reorientation, substance abuse, suicidal thoughts, dual diagnosis of giftedness and/or autism.
I completed basic Acceptance and Commitment Therapy training, and also treat anxiety, post-traumatic stress, depression and obsessive compulsive behaviours.
I worked for 10 years with gifted children and adults (in Dutch, French and English).
I'm currently pursuing the postgraduate course in behavioural therapy at KULeuven (2021-2025). I'm a recognised member of the Commission of Psychologists (N° 782110793). Visa number Federal Public Health Service: 320368.


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Master en psychologie clinique (1999 - 2001) à la Vrije Universiteit Brussel.
Formation de base en Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.
Spécialisation (postgraduat) en thérapie cognitivo-comportementale à la KULeuven (2021-2025).

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