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Boulevard Charlemagne, 64 (Schuman) | 1000 Bruxelles

CITHE, International Therapy Center

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Psychologist: Brief therapy, CBT, EMDR


I am a psychologist registered with the Belgian Commission of Psychologists.

I can help you get in touch with your internal resources, obtain clarity by prioritizing your goals, re-establish your well-being, reduce your emotional pain, overcome the transitions or changes in your private life and live better overall.

Methods: brief therapy (Palo Alto school, transactional analysis), EMDR.

My interventions cover areas such as:

- Handling traumatic experiences following accidents or aggression, post traumatic stress disorder (using EMDR).
- Private life difficulties, such as anxiety, panic attacks, intrusive thoughts, difficult relationships, transitions, procrastination, feeling unhappy or unsatisfied with your life and much more.
- Difficulties encountered by expats and their families, such as cultural adjustment.

We begin from what it is happening in the present, with your current concerns, defining the objectives and orienting towards the future. Even if sometimes it is useful to understand the origin of a problem, it does not mean that the problem will be automatically solved. Together we will be looking for ways of improving your current situation in the desired direction, according to your objectives.

Step by step, you will be able to start exploring new ways of behaving, thinking and feeling more congruently with your profound values and live a more alligned life. Throughout this journey I am in your corner, alligned with you, with an encouraging attitude.


I work with adults in English, French or Romanian.

Sessions are organised face-to-face or via Skype.


CITHE, International Therapy Center, Bld. Charlemagne 64, 1000 Brussels (Schuman/Ambiorix):
Public transportation bus 28, 21, 63, 79, 61 • Metro Schuman • Train Bruxelles Schuman


- 2016: Thérapie cognitive et comportamentale (TCC), Beck Institute, USA

- Août 2015: Mindfulness, Brussels Mindfulness Institute, Belgique

- Février 2014: EMDR, Integrativa, Belgique

- Septembre 2013: Formation en coaching développée par Tony Robbins et Chloe Madanes, Strategic Intervention Institute, USA

- Septembre 2011: Programme en résidentiel, thérapies brèves, MRI, Palo Alto, USA

- Août 2011: Formation intensive en "Utilisation des techniques de thérapie brève dans les entreprises", le MRI, Palo Alto, USA

- Août 2011: Formation intensive en thérapie familiale stratégique, le MRI, Palo Alto, USA

- Janvier 2011: Certificat de coach, BAO Groupe Elan Vital, Belgique

- Juillet 2006: Master of Science en psychologie sociale, Université libre d'Amsterdam, les Pays-Bas

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